#AmigaGer - The Channel

The official #AmigaGER-WWW-Page

This is the official WWW-page for the IRC-channel #AmigaGER. The main topic is everything about the Amiga and some other things, but everything in German language (therefore AmigaGER ;-).

A more important topic is to wish stefanb a happy birthday!

There's also a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please read and regard them! (german)

People frequently online:

ACP, airDanny, alexW, atte, auge
bastiw, blane, Bommel
cdTv, chrisdi, copper, cuty-cat
DaMato, Doso, DrMabuse, dyfa
Faucon, flavour, Foomy
haigo, hynek
jd, Joky, Joooch, jow
KaiIV, Kickaha, Krille
lammy, Lefti
m-a, MacYET, masterFOO, Milano, mlelstv, MisterHomn, MrTopf, mussi
neutrum, nici
obw, ohyeah
Pandarine, platon42, Pinc, pjahra, pst
radiosity, RANDi, rarbiart, Reifinger, Rince, robtone
_savage, Scorpi, scuz, sminky, skippa, splitti, stargazer, stefanb, szeiger
tarbos, TCM, The_Benny, tlenz, Top (alias Topli), Trillian, Tron
zeg, zuse, ZZA

If you spend lots of time on #AmigaGer and want to get on the list, mail me at zza@amigager.de.

(Und nein, ich werde das nicht auch noch ins Deutsche übersetzen :-)

Hubert Feyrer
Bernhard Möllemann - zza@amigager.de